Going for More than Gold

I love all things Olympics, but I especially love the backstories of those athletes that seem so humble, genuine and flabbergasted that they have now won a medal.

Watching David Boudia win gold, and hear him give all glory to God was inspiring.  Even more so, it was impressive hearing him praise the Lord when he barely squeaked into the finals the night before, and share that the final outcome would be fine either way, that He is sovereign over all.

I wanted to know more, and found a recent and  insightful interview with David that describes the path his faith took.  Read and be encouraged that every single day people wake up to find that they are missing “something,” and that the “something” turns out to be a Savior that loved them enough to die for them.  Especially when they have a big platform to share the Good News and want to do exactly that.

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